Product Samples in Senior Centers
Sample Distribution in Rec Centers

Venue Based Sampling

Venue based sampling is a method in which product samples are delivered to brick-and-mortar establishments in order to reach a highly concentrated group of consumers. Examples of our carefully curated roster of venues  include:

  • Daycare Centers
  • Birth Centers
  • Pediatric Offices
  • College Recreation Centers
  • Dance Studios
  • Martial Arts Studios
  • Health Clubs
  • Senior Centers

Opt-in is provided by venue management but the end recipients, targeted consumers, are not requesting samples. They are simply the lucky recipients of an unexpected gift that happens to be completely relevant to their life and lifestyle.

Because the venues we work with generally serve a very specific segment of the population, product samples are able to reach an ideal target consumer without wasting samples on irrelevant categories of consumers. Venues already have a pre-existing relationship with the consumer so when those venues opt-in to take part in a sampling promotion, their customers truly consider our client's brands, since it has come from such a reliable source. Because venues provide the space and manpower, venue based sampling is significantly less expensive than other sampling options available such as direct mail, street team or retailer sampling.