What We Do

Handit2 Network offers venue-based sampling promotions that enable our clients to reach their target consumers in a unique environment where samples are unexpected. Consumers are delighted and encouraged to share their sampling experience both offline and online via their social networks.

product sampling to active seniors

Venue-based sampling delivers samples to brick-and-mortar establishments where a highly targeted demographic congregates. Examples:

  • Reach moms of toddlers at daycare centers
  • Reach health and fitness conscious consumers at health clubs
  • Reach dog owners at veterinarian offices

The benefits of venue based sampling compared to other sampling strategies are as follows:

    • Reach consumers in an environment that is conducive to conversations and ‘buzz’.
    • Leverage the endorsement of a known person of influence (daycare director, health club owner, etc.).
    • All samples are delivered as a ‘surprise’ to the end consumer. No freebie seekers, just consumers going about their regular routine that are unexpectedly offered a free sample.
    • Leverage shipping efficiencies (dozens to hundreds of samples distributed per participating location).
    • No need to hire ambassadors (venue staff members manage the sampling).
    • Little sample waste (if a consumer does not want a sample, they leave it for the next person).

Because the venue types we target each serve a very specific segment of the population, samples are able to reach an ideal target consumer without wasting samples on irrelevant demographic groups. And, since the venues are providing the space and manpower, venue based sampling is significantly less expensive than other options available such as website-by-request sampling, direct mail, street team or retailer sampling.

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