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Daycare Sampling in the Age of COVID-19

By Handit2

Since 2009, Handit2 has executed over 100 successful sampling campaigns via daycares and preschools, distributing over 20 million samples via this channel. To say that childcare facilities are important to our business would be an understatement! While many daycares were closed from March to May 2020 (and some closed permanently), we are pleased to report that most daycares nationwide are open right now, with some local exceptions in high risk areas, and with some operating under new state-imposed group size limitations. In fact, Handit2 is currently enrolling multiple daycare & preschool sampling programs for this fall.

This map is an updated look at the industry by state as of June 15, 2020 according to The Hunt Institute.

Daycares play a vital role in the US economy because the economy cannot fully open until parents can go back to work. Given this pivotal role, “Members of Congress have proposed setting aside as much as $100 billion for the childcare industry in the next economic stimulus package, with industry advocates requesting direct grants to childcare providers,” (Source: Yahoo News). This is great news for childcare providers, parents, employers, and the US economy at large. 

Now is prime time for planning fall and winter activations in daycare centers and preschools. If you're interested in learning more, reach out to or 303-532-5695.