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Managing Inbound Sample Requests

By handit2

So you’ve got a great product that practitioners and/or consumers love or want to try. How do you manage the litany of inbound sample requests? Are these requests bogging down your consumer relations staff? Handit2 can help!

Handit2 has been managing inbound sample requests for multiple clients the past couple years. The process works as follows:

- The requests come in to the brand consumer relations team (by phone or email); each request is forwarded to Handit2 
- We qualify the recipient (based on criteria agreed upon with the client) and begins a vetting process that includes: 
     - Verifying the business or consumer data exists through third party sources
     - NCOA cleaning/auditing of the shipping address
     - De-duping against other requests/recipients (one shipment per medical practice, for example)
     - Filling in missing information such as email address, phone number, etc
- Handit2 fulfills the requests via monthly or quarterly shipments of samples

As one of the leading venue-based sampling agencies in the nation, Handit2 is committed to providing our clients with unique, innovative, and effective solutions to drive trial and awareness. We’ve distributed over 34M samples to 102K unique locations since 2007. We have professional fulfillment services and battle-tested list collection and opt-in tools to manage your outbound sampling programs and your inbound sample requests.

Do you need help managing inbound sample requests? Perhaps we can help. Send us an email at or call us at 303-532-5695. We’d love to partner with you!