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Q1: Sample to Consumers on their Fitness Journey

By Henry Monahan

With New Year's Resolutions Come Fitness Solutions

Handit2 can help your brand gain exposure and maximize impact with a motivated, health-oriented consumer base trying to burn off the indulgences of the holiday season. Yoga studios, climbing gyms, health clubs, rec centers, personal trainers, martial arts studios, and dance studios all see an influx of traffic in Q1. Leverage this opportunity by sampling your product to consumers motivated to make a positive change in their lives.

Fitness-related businesses are at their busiest after the new year. By placing samples in front of these consumers, you are reaching them at a time when they are building new habits and disrupting old ones.

Here are sample quantities Handit2 is capable of distributing across the USA (for Canada contact us):

2 million health clubs
1 million swimming pools
500,000 rec centers
350,000 dance studios
250,000 racquet sport facilities
200,000 extreme fitness facilities (think parkour-style, crossfit-style gyms)
200,000 personal trainers
150,000 martial arts studios
75,000 gymnastics centers
75,000 climbing gyms
75,000 yoga studios
50,000 barre studios
50,000 pilates studios
50,000 dietitians/nutritionists

It's this easy:
You tell us who you want to reach
We enroll venues that match your target
Venues distribute samples
We ask for feedback and photos (from both venue staff and consumers)
We provide you with a report capturing what happened, what we learned, and what your anticipated awareness/sales lift should be
Are you ready to drive sales? Handit2 is ready to make you the hero!

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