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Sampling to Medical Offices—They Are Open!

By handit2

Handit2 (Hi2) is a high volume sampling agency offering access to millions of consumers across the US and Canada. Since 2010, we have executed over 120 successful sampling campaigns via medical partners such as: pediatricians, OB-GYNs, general/family practitioners, chiropractors, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, dermatologists, and more. 

Due to the essential nature of their business, many medical practitioners are open and operating as normally as possible. In fact, Handit2 is actively enrolling these venue types in product sampling programs across the country.

Hi2 offers highly targeted sampling campaigns in non-traditional locations like doctors offices. We match your product to a custom audience and then surprise and delight them with a sample, in turn, increasing product sales at nearby and online retailers. 

We have access to over 640,000 medical practitioner offices across the country with the capacity to distribute nearly 5 million samples through them. Here are our most requested medical channels. Are you interested in other office types? Let us know and we'll quote it for you. 

Office Type and Total # Samples Capacity

  • Dentists 1.5M
  • General Practitioners / Family Medicine 700k
  • Pediatricians 565k
  • Chiropractors 400k
  • Physical Therapists 325k
  • OB-GYNS 180k
  • Acupuncturists 150k
  • Health Clinics 80k
  • Dermatologists 65k
  • Birth Centers 45k
  • Dieticians / Nutritionists 40k
  • Childbirth Educators 40k
  • Midwives & Doulas 40k
  • Lactation Consultants 25k


If you’d like to add highly targeted venue based product sampling to your marketing mix, please reach out to us at or 303-532-5695. We’d love to connect with you.