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  • 11.29

    Does your Brand Have a Season?

    At the Handit2 Network, we understand that timing is everything -- you want your product placed in the hands of the right consumers at the right time. With 2018 quickly approaching, here are some big picture ways of looking at the coming year --...

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  • 09.26

    'Out-of-the-Box' Sampling

    Is your target demographic challenging to reach?

    Are you looking for new, creative, innovative ways to reach your target consumer?

    Are you trying to ‘reframe’ your brand’s positioning within a certain niche market?

    Getting your...

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  • 07.14

    Back to School Sampling to Moms

    It’s summer everyone! As we’re all enjoying the weather and wanting to make the most of the season, before we know it time will come to send the kids off to school. This means that parents everywhere will go to retailers in droves...

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  • 05.03

    Handit2 Yogis

    Fitness trends typically come and  go, but apparently there is no stopping yoga.  A recent Yoga Journal study found that there are now  37 million Americans practicing yoga, or ~11.6% of the US population, up from 20 million in...

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  • 02.09

    8 Steps to Disruptive Product Sampling

    There are many tactics available to the brand marketer when it comes to putting a sample in the hands of consumers.  Whether the effort involves sampling in a grocery store, on a street corner, at a festival, by mail, or some other tactic,...

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